Implement, enforce and report on your concussion protocols with CAPT

CAPT is the concussion management platform designed with feedback from concussion experts that streamlines your sports organization's or school's concussion education, removal and return protocols.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app

Built-in education component

At the start of each season, designated persons, subjects, and guardians can be prompted to complete your concussion education tasks.

Timestamped activity case log

CAPT automatically collects and records a timestamped log of all activity for each case as subjects progress through your concussion removal and return protocol.

Protocol-agnostic workflows

Unlike other concussion management apps, CAPT allows your school or sports organization to use any protocol, including the option to configure your own custom protocol.

Secure document upload and storage

CAPT makes it easy for subjects, guardians, and designated persons to upload sensitive files like medical assessments securely from any smart device.

Automatic email notifications

CAPT automatically sends email notifications to subjects' circle of care throughout the recovery process so nurses and therapists can focus on medical care.

Manage multiple seasons and groups

CAPT allows you to easily manage multiple seasons, teams and classes while keeping track of each group's designated persons, subject, guardians.


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