CAPT Benefits For Athletic Directors

CAPT gives you control over your concussion recovery protocols and an automated audit trail of events and dates for record keeping. CAPT will keep all coaches and athletic staff up to date with a student's concussion status.

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More control over your concussion protocol.

When concussions occur and students are removed from normal activities, the burden is on school staff to follow up and manage the process.

CAPT makes it easy for your staff to communicate with each students’ circle of care and complete record keeping for compliance - even for multiple simultaneous concussion cases.

Communicate with the circle of care

Once your school’s protocols are set up, CAPT can automatically communicate important actions and stages of recovery to the student’s circle of care. This keeps everyone notified on the same page with little manual work.

Improve surveillance with a digital audit trail

It’s extremely challenging to maintain surveillance over the concussion recovery process with so many important actions a student may take in their non-linear path to recovery. CAPT does this automatically so you have a complete audit trail.

Ensure protocols are up-to-date

It’s important to remember that concussion protocols, or various steps within protocols, are changing frequently. Whenever a protocol is updated or changed, CAPT automatically pushes the updates to all staff and students.

Benefits of CAPT for Athletic Directors:

  • Reduce Uncertainty When Removing Players From Sport
  • Your most current concussion protocol is always available
  • Simple to use checklist on the CAPT app
  • Record of the injury and symptoms at the time for future reference
  • Contributes to better recovery outcomes

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