CAPT Benefits For Athletic Therapists

CAPT streamlines communication with coaches and parents to help you focus on taking care of athletes. The administrative time required to manage the information that is needed to be shared with relevant people is significant. CAPT makes that easy by making communications simple with just a few key-strokes.

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Streamline communication with the circle of care

As an Athletic Therapist, you know how difficult it is to manage concussion cases. Keeping track of the patient’s progress, case monitoring and communicating updates and return-to-activity status to multiple parties is a significant strain on your workload. It gets even more crazy when you’re managing multiple concussion cases simultaneously.

With CAPT, your organization is able to digitize your concussion protocol so you can manage concussion cases with less stress and manual work. Not only does it improve information logging, CAPT streamlines and automates communication with each subject’s circle of care so everyone is in the know.

Communicate with the circle of care

Once your protocols are set up, CAPT can automatically communicate important actions and stages of recovery to each subject’s circle of care. This keeps everyone notified on the same page with little manual work.

Improve surveillance with a digital audit trail

It’s extremely challenging to maintain surveillance over the concussion recovery process with so many important actions a subject may take in their non-linear path to recovery. CAPT does this automatically so you have a complete audit trail.

Ensure protocols are up-to-date

It’s important to remember that concussion protocols, or various steps within protocols, are changing frequently. Whenever a protocol is updated or changed, CAPT automatically pushes the updates to all staff and subjects.

Benefits of CAPT for Athletic Therapists

  • Simplify communication with the circle of care
  • Significant reduction in communication workload
  • Automated logging of progress and status
  • Managing multiple cases is simplified
  • Know immediately when a player enters protocol

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