CAPT Benefits For Coaches

CAPT helps you follow your concussion protocol on the field and instantly provides you with clear information whether to remove the student from sport. It does this with an easy-to-use checklist you can access from our app on your phone.

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How CAPT Changes Your Workflow

Your workflow before CAPT

  1. Find your concussion protocol in your bag and try to find the right page
  2. Stumble through questions with the injured player while trying to remember their answers in your head
  3. Make the call on whether to remove the player off of intuition
  4. Write the incident report an hour after the game and shove it in a filing cabinet, never to be seen again

Your workflow with CAPT

  1. Open the CAPT app on your phone
  2. Answer simple questions in a streamlined checklist format
  3. Get guidance from your protocol to make an informed removal decision
  4. Write, send, and log the incident report on the spot with your phone

Why you're going to love CAPT

Take guesswork out of concussion management

Conduct fast, accurate evaluations on potential concussion in minutes with guidance from your concussion protocol through CAPT. Make informed decisions on player removal without the stress.

Log and share incident reporting on your phone

Easily make notes with CAPT on the incident including the type of hit, severity, direction and other factors to improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses. Record in the moment instead of trying to recall them weeks later.

Timestamped audit trail for every concussion case

CAPT automatically creates a detailed audit trail for every concussion case logged so you can provide it to medical staff, doctors, or even parents in the future. This improves communication, trust, and compliance for your team.

Benefits of CAPT for Coaches:

  • Reduce Uncertainty When Removing Players From Sport
  • Your most current concussion protocol is always available
  • Simple to use checklist on the CAPT app
  • Record of the injury and symptoms at the time for future reference
  • Contributes to better recovery outcomes

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