CAPT Benefits For Headmasters

CAPT reduces your risk by simplifying the execution of your protocols and making them easier to access and follow for your staff. This ensures better compliance, more complete monitoring and a higher degree of safety for your students.

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Mitigate Concussion Risks For Your School

With CAPT, the risk of your staff members making mistakes in administering your school’s approved concussion protocols is greatly reduced.

Simple and easy to understand

The simple checklist format of CAPT provides clarity to your staff and gives them digital access to your concussion protocol anywhere - from the field of play to the classroom.

Digital log and documentation

CAPT further eliminates your risk by providing a timestamped digital log of all the steps that have been taken in a concussion case, from removal from sport through a full return to learning and sports.

Ensure protocols are up-to-date

With concussion protocols updated continually, it’s difficult for staff to keep up. CAPT ensures you are operating under the most current protocols thanks to it’s always up-to-date digital platform.

Benefits of CAPT for your school:

  • Simplifies the concussion protocol across your school
  • Eliminates reliance on printed copies that are sometimes difficult to access and which need manual updating
  • Ensures everyone in your school is following the same protocol
  • Complete Accessibility
  • Digital log of the injury event and all steps completed in the return to activity protocols.
  • Significant risk mitigation
  • Cost is less than a penny per week per student

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