CAPT Benefits For Parents

Whether your child is an athlete playing in schools sports leagues, independent sports leagues or both, CAPT is the one of the best ways to ensure that your child receives the appropriate level of treatment and care in the event of a concussion.

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Why does CAPT and concussion safety matter?

It’s simple - the risk of serious injury increases dramatically when athletes aren’t removed from play at the right time or if they return to activity before they are ready.

Many governments have already mandated or are in the process of mandating that sports organizations ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed and are using appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources.

What is CAPT?

CAPT is an application that your child’s school or sports league will make available to coaches, coaching staff, teachers, nurses, athletic therapists, as well as you and your child. It contains a number of features intended to ensure that concussions are diagnosed correctly and that post-concussion return to activity is monitored according to the concussion protocols approved by your school or league.

Help coaches make the right call for athlete safety

CAPT helps to manage your child’s safety by ensuring that the coaching staff know whether to remove an athlete from sport or not, according to the organization’s approved concussion protocol. This can be done immediately when a head injury is suspected.

Easily monitor your child’s recovery process

CAPT is a tool for you as a parent or guardian to monitor the child’s progress during the recovery stages to ensure that your child returns to activity, learning and athletics safely based on approved concussion protocols.

Keep an audit trail of your child’s recovery

CAPT is a recordkeeping tool that covers all the steps in your child's injury and recovery, so you have the confidence that the right decisions are being made about your child’s health and safety at every step of their recovery.

Benefits of CAPT for Parents:

  • CAPT Keeps you informed of your child’s concussion status from removal from sport through recovery.
  • CAPT lowers player and parent anxiety making it easy to follow the approved protocol with a step-by-step approach.
  • CAPT ensures that the concussion protocols of your child’s school or sports league is always up-to-date and uniformly applied.
  • CAPT provides record keeping and logs of all steps from removal from sport through the return to activities protocols.

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