CAPT Benefits For Sports Leagues

CAPT reduces risk by ensuring your removal from sport protocol is properly administered at the critical moment of a suspected injury - when it happens. The follow up protocols are accessible by all whom you designate in your organization and thereby ensures your concussion recovery protocol is followed by your staff and volunteers.

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Make concussions less stressful

Sports Leagues are all about the fun of competition, developing new skills and camaraderie. No one wants to think about injuries - particularly concussions - but they happen.

In the moment, there’s intense pressure on coaches and team medical staff to get it right, not only for the sake of athletes, but also to be accountable to parents and guardians that the right decision was made. Without a digital platform, protocols are difficult to find, follow, and are often missing any incident reporting.

CAPT makes all of this simple across your sports league - with a digital platform that empowers your staff to provide the best care to athletes.

What is CAPT?

CAPT is a concussion management platform for coaches, parents, and athletes to access a digital version of your protocol anytime and anywhere.

Assess whether an athletes needs to be removed

The criteria for removing an athlete from sport can be challenging for coaches and medical staff without guidance. CAPT simplifies this by giving staff removal criteria in an easy-to-follow checklist format that reduces guesswork.

Streamline the recovery process for athletes

Athletes are often stressed and overwhelmed during the concussion recovery process, with unclear steps and information overload. CAPT streamlines their recovery with simple step-by-step instructions they can access on their phone.

Automatically inform athletes’ circles of care

With CAPT, there’s no need to manually contact and update each athlete's circle of care, thanks to automatic email updates on each step of the recovery process that are sent to parents, guardians, and other designated persons.

Benefits of CAPT for Sports Leagues:

  • Removes pressure from coaches and staff to make the right decision
  • Reduces risk of mis-evaluation for the league
  • Your latest protocols are automatically installed and available to all CAPT Users
  • Full records for removal and return to sport are automatically logged and kept on CAPT
  • Easy to use checklist format for removal and return to activity
  • All parties in the designated “Circle of Care” are informed of the athlete’s status in real time with a few keystrokes.
  • Your league staff can provide the highest degree of safety and protection for your players.

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