CAPT streamlines the execution of your concussion removal protocol

CAPT streamlines your existing removal protocol with a step-by-step app-based approach that makes it easy for your team to make the right call.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app team removal protocol

CAPT was designed for schools and sports organizations to simplify their concussion recovery protocols

Recognizing and making the call to remove a student or player can be challenging for coaches and other designated persons - especially when protocols aren't readily available or easy to follow. CAPT takes the difficulty out of your removal protocol with a fully configurable step-by-step removal workflow.

Streamlined step-by-step workflow

CAPT makes it easy for coaches, athletic therapists, and other designated persons to review your removal protocol at the time of an incident, with guidance on what to do next from an app they can access on any smart device.

Log incident reports and assessments

CAPT allows your coaches and other designated persons to log a timestamped incident report about the concussion, and attach a sideline medical assessment (eg. SCAT 5) so you have a full audit trail for each injury.

Automatically notify the circle of care

Once you remove a player, the people in the player’s circle of care are automatically notified via email. Now, all relevant parties are informed whether the player should be participating in school or sport activities and will be kept informed on the player's return to activity progress.

How does CAPT's removal workflow work?

CAPT provides coaches, medical staff, and other designated persons with a simple step-by-step workflow to follow with our app - making it easier for them to assess signs and symptoms, record an incident report, and make an appropriate removal call. Here's how an example removal workflow would work.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app removal protocol

Player sustains an injury that might be a concussion

When a player sustains an impact to the head, CAPT is ready to help the coach and athletic therapist complete the appropriate actions to recognize common signs and symptoms of concussion and decide if they need to be removed from play. The designated person opens CAPT on their phone, and begins the “Recognize a Concussion” workflow.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app removal symptoms

Coach removes a player and evaluates signs and symptoms

Once the player has been removed from active play, the coach can use CAPT's recognize a concussion workflow to help guide them towards making a decision to allow an athlete to resume activity, remove an athlete from sport or initiate an emergency action plan. This step can also be completed by other designated persons, like an athletic therapist or nurse.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app return protocol

Coach completes an incident report and uploads docs

Next, the coach uses CAPT to record an in-depth incident report of the player's injury. All they have to do is answer the questions that have been configured by the protocol and upload it to the player's case log. If a medical professional is on hand, an additional sideline assessment can be performed,like a SCAT 5, and it can also be attached to the case file.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app activity case log

CAPT automatically informs the player's circle of care

Once the player has been removed from activity, CAPT can help the coach and other designated persons by automatically notifying the appropriate people in the player’s circle of care via email. Based on the player, this could include their teachers, other coaches, medical staff, and parents. This feature can also be turned off based on your organization's preferences.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app roster management

Player is removed from play and automatically put into return protocol

OOnce a player is removed, CAPT will initiate your organization's return protocol. When the player is ready, they can proceed safely through the steps with help from their parents or guardians towards a full return to activity.


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