Streamline your concussion return protocols with CAPT

CAPT streamlines your concussion return protocols with a digital workflow that gives clarity to subjects, guardians, and designated persons so everyone is on the same page.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app activity log

CAPT was designed for schools and sports organizations to simplify their concussion return protocols.

Managing, enforcing and following multiple return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols can be challenging, especially for schools and sports organizations. CAPT solves this challenge by streamlining your existing protocol into a series of workflows that can be easily followed and monitored.

Return to learn and sport in one app

CAPT gives you a complete picture of students' and players' recovery with in-app support for multiple concurrent return-to-learn and return-to-sports protocols, while keeping recovery steps simple and understandable for subjects and guardians.

Get automatic updates on return status

With CAPT, coaches and other designated persons receive automatic email notifications that provide real-time updates on an athlete’s recovery - helping them understand what activities subjects can engage in and what accommodations they might require.

Ensure return protocol compliance

CAPT helps your sports organization or school ensure that your return-to-sport and return-to-learn protocols are being followed correctly with a timestamped activity log for each protocol step, if these steps require signoff from a designated person like a nurse or athletic therapist.

How does CAPT's return workflow work?

CAPT provides your students and players with a simple step-by-step workflow to follow with our app - making it easier for them to get back into normal activities and easier for you to monitor their progress. Here's how an example return workflow would work for a hockey team.

Photo of youth hockey player checking another player during a game
Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app removal protocol

Player is removed from play and automatically put into return protocol

Once a player is removed after experiencing significant concussion symptoms, CAPT will prompt the designated person to take a series of steps and actions and record an incident report. This report will then automatically become part of your organization's return protocol.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app medical assessment

Player gets a medical assessment and uploads it via CAPT

Once in the return protocol, the players first step is to get a medical assessment to confirm if they’ve suffered a concussion. They then download your organization's assessment template and then upload the results for review. This is a simple step using the player’s phone camera within the CAPT app.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app return protocol

Player goes through your return protocol step-by-step

If diagnosed with a concussion, the player uses CAPT to go through each step of the return protocol. At each step, they're provided with the recommended timeline, tasks, and help. For certain key steps, they may be required to upload supporting documentation and wait for approval before continuing.

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Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app activity case log

The player's circle of care can follow their progress

CAPT also helps the player's circle of care - guardians, coaches, and more - follow their progress with an in-app case log showing time stamped updates along with any uploaded documents and completed incident reports. CAPT sends email notifications automatically to keep everyone in the loop.

Photo of kids playing hockey in an indoor arena
Screenshot of CAPT concussion management mobile app roster management

The player is now active again, after successfully completing the return protocol

Once the player has completed all the steps in your concussion protocol and receives sign-off from your designated authority , CAPT automatically updates their status back to “active” and sends an email notification to their circle of care so everyone knows the player is ready to begin full activity again.


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